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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates increasingly shunning nine to five

Graduate employees in the business sector are increasingly working late night hours, a new study has claimed.

According to officebroker.com many business centres are beginning to operate 24 hours a day in order to provide for late night workers. read more...


Variation of location: workers want time outside the office

Graduates and university students of the future may work in locations as diverse as the beach or on mountain tops, if the current crop of office workers get their wish. read more...


Performance pay boosts happiness

Graduate job seekers and their employed counterparts may be able to increase workplace contentment with performance related pay, new research has found. read more...


Graduates should be career focused

Students should go on to study at degree level for their graduate career and not for the sake of being educated, an educational foundation argues.

Edge claims that due to 'academic snobbery' some young people are studying at degree level for the sake of it even though it may not be the best option. read more...


Satisfaction seeking graduates should turn to management

Graduates who want optimum job satisfaction should aim for a career in corporate management, a new study suggests.

According to new research compiled by the University of Bath, the occupation with the highest level of contentment was corporate management and, one of six management positions in the top ten. read more...


Banks must 'take responsibility' for graduate debt

High street banks should 'take some responsibility' for the rising level of graduate arrears, a leading debt consultancy has claimed.

Thomas Charles & Co suggest that the banks are partially to blame because the high overdraft limits and credit cards they offer to students encourages them to borrow more. read more...


'Train to Gain' criticised by committee

Graduates starting new careers may not receive extra training for job related skills - if the government takes the advice of a select committee.

The government's new skills programme 'Train to Gain' allows staff to learn vocational skills at work, such as management and computing. read more...


Savills: Low graduate wages prevent home ownership

The low level of graduate income is the most fundamental problem for young first-time buyers, according to Savills.

According to the estate agents student debt 'compounds' the difficulty of getting on the housing ladder but the real obstacle is a lack of earnings. read more...


Professionals want responsible employers

A number of young professionals, many of them graduates, value a 'caring and responsible' employer above their own salary, according to a new survey. read more...


Graduates should aim to work from home

Working from home can save money and manage stress levels, according to new research.

A ntl:Telewest survey of UK workers has shown that many believe home working can help improve job performance, lifestyle and the environment. read more...

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