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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Work and money stress hits graduates

The stress of everyday life leaves two thirds of British people feeling at the end of their tether and unable to cope, new research has revealed. read more...


Poor job interviews hit graduates hard

Over a third of job applicants leave interviews with a poor impression of their potential employer, a study has shown.

With an ever-growing number of graduates contributing to a boom in graduate recruitment, those leaving university are particularly likely to suffer from a bad interview experience. read more...


Graduates spend lunchtime networking

A rising number of graduates, and other office workers, are spending most of their lunchtime on Facebook and MySpace, new research has revealed. read more...


Scotland language graduates increase

The number of students graduating from a Scottish university with a degree in languages has increased by more than a third.

According to statistics, produced by the country's government, the class of 2006/07 was the biggest ever with an extra 4,600 students graduating in the summer, the BBC reports. read more...


International talent gives British graduates stiff competition

An influx of top international graduates is helping UK business thrive and giving British talent stiff competition, experts claim.

Financial firm Nigel Lynn has suggested that business and management graduates from commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and boosting the economy, reports onrec. read more...


Employees not taking breaks

British workers, including graduate employees, are working longer hours and not taking enough breaks, researchers have revealed.

A study by Legal & General suggests that 23 per cent of Britons never take breaks from work and a further seven per cent do not take holiday time. read more...


Graduates losing battle of the bulge

Graduates who have successfully gained employment are likely to have also gained weight, a new study has revealed.

According to research by CareerBuilder, half of all UK employees claim to have piled on the pounds while in their current positions. read more...


Students told to improve living habits

A new poll has blamed students, and their poor domestic skills, for the dipping standards of rented accommodation.

The research, compiled by ICM, reveals that 48 per cent of respondents believe that students do not look after their property appropriately. read more...


Job success could cost you friends

Graduates have to be careful not to be too successful in their fledgling careers, as a pay rise could have an adverse on your social life, new research has revealed. read more...


UK graduates have strong earning potential

Domestic graduates have the potential to command much higher salaries than their non-graduate counterparts, a new study has shown. read more...

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