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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


UK workers making money on the side

Students going into graduate jobs may want to find themselves a pastime as a survey has revealed that one in five UK workers are boosting their incomes through their hobbies.

The research, by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), shows that Brits make £26.5 billion collectively every year through out-of-work interests. read more...


Employment Bill attempts to crack down on underpaying employers

The government today published its Employment Bill, which highlights the need to punish agencies and employers who are not complying with employment laws.

New powers will be given to the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate as part of the bill. read more...


Graduates can expect long hours

Students preparing to start their first graduate jobs should brace themselves for long hours and hard work, according to a report.

The research, conducted by realbuzz.


Graduates told to pay fees

Graduates in Scotland have been left in shock this week as they received letters asking them to pay a £2,000 graduate endowment fee, which the Scottish National Party had previously promised to scrap. read more...


TUC calls for minimum wage to be increased

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for the minimum wage to be increased during 2008, which could be good news for graduates working in their gap years.

Minimum wage for people aged 22 and over is currently £5.52 an hour but the TUC wants the Low Pay Commission to try and secure a rise to £6 over the next year. read more...


Graduates buying houses with partners according to report

A report by Scottish Widows bank shows an increase in the number of graduates who have bought a house with a partner, a friend or a member of family.

Scottish Widow's annual graduate first-time buyer survey shows that only 44 per cent of people who graduated in the last ten years own a property. read more...


Businesses look overseas to fill graduate skills gap

London businesses are increasingly looking overseas to fill a growing graduate skills gap, according to a new survey. read more...


Graduates 'stressed out' by colleague actions

As graduates join the workforce, they quickly learn that things can be quite different to university life. According to building society Britannia, 27 million employees in the UK get stressed out by the infuriating behaviour of their co-workers. read more...


Graduate salary growth 'falling'

Starting salaries for new graduates have seen only marginal increases this year, with growth falling behind the rate of inflation for average earnings, according to a new survey. read more...


Female graduates set to benefit from flexible working

Female graduates looking to work for small businesses are particularly likely to benefit from the increase in flexible working practices, according to a workplace expert. read more...

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