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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Employers 'should not recruit based on looks'

A barrister has warned that recruiting an applicant based on looks rather than ability could land companies in trouble.

'Aesthetic labour' - recruitment based on dress sense, body language, personal grooming or even their accent - is largely associated with service industry roles and may be deemed discriminatory. read more...


UK CEOs 'are younger and serve longer'

Chief executive officers (CEOs) in the UK tend to serve longer and are younger than their global counterparts, which may be of note to aspiring graduates. read more...


Teachers and support staff on the rise

Official figures have revealed that there are 20,100 more teachers and support staff in schools than 12 months ago, which could be good news for graduates considering a career in education. read more...


Workers 'better with machines than people'

Many UK workers are more confident dealing with computers than actually communicating with people, according to new research. read more...


UK employees 'using presenteeism to get ahead'

New research has indicated that a growing cult of presenteeism in the workplace is having a negative effect on Britain's offices.

A survey commissioned by Right Corecare revealed that 40 per cent of workers stay in their office unnecessarily after working hours, with one in five claiming overtime is expected. read more...


Enterprises 'seeking edge through engaged employees'

Companies can improve employee engagement and boost performance by using tools to measure how happy their workforce is.

The link between high levels of employee commitment and bottom line results is becoming increasingly recognised, which is leading business leaders to explore engagement measures, which may be of note to graduates. read more...


Teachers 'feel underappreciated'

The majority of teachers working in the profession are "deeply dissatisfied" with the way their university or college treats them.

According to a report by the University and College Union (UCU) and further education (FE) colleges, around half of the 3,000 further education respondents did not feel valued by their employers. read more...


Irrelevant applications 'a problem for employers'

New research has revealed that irrelevant responses from candidates are the biggest problem facing recruiters today.

Conducted by Broadbean Technology, the study discovered that irrelevant applications are closely followed by small response and candidates applying for positions when they cannot work in the UK as grievances for recruiters. read more...


Homeworking day planned

Some five million workers in Britain will be absent from the office on May 15th as part of National Work from Home Day.

The day is intended to highlight modern working practices by encouraging companies to give staff a day at home for flexible working, remote working and mobile working, in order to promote work/life balance. read more...


Businesses 'must attract and retain top talent'

The attraction and retention of skilled employees is the key to an advantageous business, according to new research

A study of some 200 senior executives with UK enterprises by business services firm KPMG revealed that 83 per cent felt human capital was intrinsic to gaining an edge over competitors. read more...

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