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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Health insurance can see employees return from sickness quicker

Businesses can ensure that sick or injured employees can return to work promptly by providing health insurance for their staff, it has been claimed.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has asserted that if people have private medical treatment than they can receive help quickly and return to work sooner. read more...


£65,000 per year average for business accountants

Chartered accountants in business earn on average £65,000 per year as a basic salary, it has been claimed. read more...


Hay fever 'to affect more than one million workers'

More than a million UK workers will suffer the effects of hay fever in the workplace this summer, a new study has reported.

A poll by Lloyds pharmacy has indicated hay fever-induced hangovers will be experienced by more than 1.3 million employers, reports the Recruiter. read more...


TUC: Employment sector 'must go green'

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has called upon the government to pave the way for a more environmentally friendly UK employment sector.

A new pamphlet titled A Green and Fair Culture was launched this morning by the union body, urging ministers to work more closely with employers on the green agenda. read more...


Ideal UK wage is £38,000

UK graduates do not necessarily crave multi-million pound lifestyles, it is claimed, with research indicating that the national average desired wage is £38,000 per year.

A study of 4,500 workers on jobsite.co.uk indicated that this was the figure needed to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. read more...


Computer rage 'on the rise' at work

Graduate workers are becoming increasingly annoyed at malfunctioning office technology, it has been reported.

Anger in the workplace is on the rise, according to research conducted by The TechGuys, with one in five employees hitting their desk in frustration at slow computer functioning. read more...


Agreement on agency worker directive

Graduates may benefit from a European Union agreement set to improve the rights of temporary and agency workers. read more...


GMB: Employers requesting worker pay cuts

UK workers are being asked to accept significant pay reductions to help employers through the credit crisis, a leading trade union has claimed.

Speaking to the BBC, the GMB said that some of its members had been asked to take pay cuts of up to 40 per cent. read more...


London 38th best city to live in

London is the 38th best city to live in from a quality of living perspective, according to a newly published chart. read more...


Non-financial perks 'retain staff'

Employers can retain staff by offering incentives other than a wage, it has been claimed.

Research carried out by Gfk NOP has indicated that firms offering non-pecuniary rewards are more likely to have a stable workforce, with only 25 per cent of employees looking to leave their job within a year. read more...

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