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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Scottish students less likely to leave university in heavy debt

A much smaller number of Scottish students will rack up debts of over £20,000 than their counterparts across the remainder of the UK according to research.

An annual survey from the Association of Investment Companies found that just seven per cent of Scottish students expect to owe the sum upon leaving university. read more...


Innovative housing models could help graduates living in rural areas

A greater number of innovative housing models could be set up in rural areas in a bid to help many graduates in the locations to possess their own home, it has been stated. read more...


Graduate tax would disadvantage high earners

All university students could have to pay a graduate tax in the future as the Treasury looks to find an alternative to increasing the tuition fee cap. read more...


Graduate jobs market should not put young adults off degrees

Although the graduate job market remains competitive, young adults should not be put off enhancing their education by studying for a degree at university, it has been stated. read more...


Miliband: Replace tuition fees with a graduate tax

Universities could be funded in a more efficient fashion if graduates paid an extra tax rather than tuition fees, according to a prominent political figure.

Writing in the Guardian, Ed Miliband announced that he will consult vice-chancellors and universities in the near future to gauge their views on his proposals. read more...


'Being creative' is useful in graduate job hunt

Graduates have a number of alternative options available to them if they are struggling to secure a full-time job, according to a new report published today (May 19th).

Writing for USA Today, Laura Petrecca conceded that the economic downturn has made it extremely tough for recent university leavers to land a permanent role quickly. read more...


Graduates to boost job prospects by short study abroad

A group of university students are to improve their prospects of finding a graduate job in the future by spending a few months abroad to enhance their learning, the Portsmouth News reports.

Some 24 students studying biology at the University of Portsmouth have already signed up to study for three months in another country next summer. read more...


Debt-clearing advice offered for those with graduate jobs

Those still on the hunt or who have recently secured a first a graduate job have been given five pieces of advice to help them steer clear of racking up any additional debt. read more...


Welsh students to pay back loans with graduate jobs

The Welsh Assembly's subsidies for university education are set to stop, meaning that those with graduate jobs will be subject to paying their student loan back. read more...


East Lancashire addresses graduate brain drain

Graduate job hunters in the north-west will receive help from local businesses as part of a new initiative to address the problem of young talent deserting the area. read more...

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