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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates told of importance of honesty on CV

Honesty remains the best policy for graduates as they look to impress with their skills and experience on their CVs.

Women24 has come up with ten tips to help graduates in their quest to seal employment after university, with particular importance placed on ensuring that a CV is as good as it can be. read more...


Failing to attend university 'severely limits job prospects'

Young Britons who decide against attending university will find it extremely difficult to land a top job, it was suggested today (July 22nd).

Earlier this week, universities minister David Willetts claimed that students who fail in their UCAS applications this year still have a "range of options" available to them. read more...


Graduates told to be focused in online job search

Being organised and dedicated with their searching are suggested tips for individuals heading online to locate a potential graduate job. read more...


Research and preparation important for graduate job hunters

Former students need to devote more of their time towards preparation in order to witness graduate job success, it has been suggested. read more...


Universities 'should put career advice on the curriculum'

Universities should give their students dedicated career guidance sessions in order to prepare them for the competitive graduate jobs market, it has been suggested. read more...


Show commitment to graduate job by personalising CV

Young adults on the look out for graduate jobs have been told to tailor their CV towards each individual application they make to ensure they appear committed to wanting the work. read more...


IT graduates need different CVs to norm

Although many graduates may seek and benefit from the tips offered by career advisors, those studying IT-related courses may not reap the same rewards, it has been suggested. read more...


Architecture graduates 'must be creative' to find work

Architecture graduates need to tap into their creative talents in the current economic climate, it has been suggested.

Harry Rich, chief executive of the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba), conceded that the jobs market is particularly tough at present for university leavers. read more...


Vocational training 'more sensible than university'

Vocational training could be a viable option for school leavers who do not intend to go to university, it has been suggested.

Research published recently by the charity Edge showed that over four million vocational qualifications were awarded last year, representing a year-on-year rise of 11 per cent. read more...


Teaching job hunters given application advice

Graduates interested in securing teaching jobs should ensure that their CVs stand out from the crowd, according to a leading education union.

Duncan Woodhead, an organiser at ATL, admitted that an increasing number of job opportunities now require candidates to fill out a standard application form online. read more...

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