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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


University friends used for graduate jobs

A new poll has shown how graduates are using the social links they made at university to help them find a graduate job, among other things.

Conducted by student accommodation supplier Unite, the survey found that 41 per cent of respondents have used a friend or contact from university to introduce them to a potential employer. read more...


Stand out from the crowd at interview: Creative and Proactive Research

With even more graduates leaving higher education this year and difficult economic conditions, competition for Graduate jobs is now stronger than ever. read more...


Expert offers graduates interview tips

Lucky university leavers who have landed an interview for a graduate job can still make sure they look professional even if they are strapped for cash, according to one expert. read more...


Paid graduate training scheme announced in Yorkshire

A graduate recruitment scheme is to be organised in Yorkshire after a local group secured funding to provide paid internships to university leavers.

Graduates Yorkshire will give degree-holders the chance to show employers the skills they gained at university through the internships, as well as offering a valuable addition to a CV. read more...


CVs are for marketing yourself, graduates told

An industry expert has told university leavers seeking out graduate jobs to sell themselves to employers through their CVs and application forms. read more...


St Helens council offers graduate job funding

A new £500,000 subsidy from the local authority in St Helens could see up to 100 graduates find paid work placements in the current economic climate. read more...


Paid graduate internships offered by Worcester University

A new scheme from Worcester University is allowing former students the chance to land a paid graduate internship and training package. read more...


London graduate job hunters helped by Boris Johnson

The mayor of London has offered a helping hand to the city's university leavers by setting up a website with information relevant to getting a graduate job. read more...


Graduate job hopefuls 'must keep building on experiences'

While some of this year's graduates have landed a job in the sector of their choice, other will have to keep looking for opportunities to gain experience, according to one industry figure. read more...


'Use summer for graduate job preparations'

Students who are due to graduate next year have been told to start getting ready for job hunting this summer so that it is less gruelling after they leave university. read more...

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