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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates meet Cameron to discuss job prospects

A group of graduates were privileged to meet David Cameron after he delivered a speech in West Yorkshire today (June 1st).

The university leavers were all invited to attend the event, which was held at the home of digital television technology firm Pace, in order to speak to the prime minister about their job prospects. read more...


Graduates must be disciplined when adding to CVs

Graduates have been told by James Caan that they must maintain a disciplined approach if they want to add value to their CVs. read more...


Graduates told to look in the right way for jobs

Using a range of methods and being dedicated in searches can improve the chances of a graduate finding a job, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Guardian, Graham Snowdon has picked the brains of some recruitment experts and highlighted 50 areas in which an individual can improve their chances of finding employment. read more...


Graduates should be smart with their CV

Recent university leavers looking for some good graduate CV tips may be interested to hear the views of a resume expert who has claimed that taking a job unrelated to your future need not damage your CV. read more...


Scottish graduates getting "outdated" advice from advisors

Graduate job hunters in Scotland may be better off ignoring any advice offered by careers advisors as many of the hints and tips provided are outdated in the current working environment, it has been suggested. read more...


Careers Advice Service offers graduate job hunters guidance

Graduate job hunters needing some guidance on what path to take for their careers have been given some advice by the Careers Advice Service.

The organisation has prioritised five steps for those at a crossroads in terms of the direction their life is heading. read more...


Attitude as important as skills for graduate job hunters

Graduate job hunters have been told that having the right attitude to succeed in a position is held in equal regard to the skills that an applicant possesses. read more...


Graduate job employers given recruitment advice

Graduate job hunters in Shropshire may have seen their employment opportunities improved after five businesses were provided with workshops promoting efficient recruiting. read more...


Organisation and simplicity key for graduate job hunters

Graduate job hunters have been told that being organised and keeping things simple are solid groundings to follow when searching for employment.

Yahoo! and car maker Nissan have joined forces to offer tips to those looking for work, with the "golden rule" stated as allowing plenty of time to complete an application. read more...


Graduate job hunters told to avoid seeming desperate

Former students searching for their first graduate job have been told to avoid sounding desperate when making applications as this will fail to give off the right impression. read more...

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