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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Employees 'realistic' about current prospects

Employees are much aware of the impacts of the current economic climate on their employers and are modifying their current career expectations as a result, it has been suggested. read more...


Keywords 'advisable' on graduate CVs

Job applicants should attempt to include as many keywords as possible on their CV as they compete for employment opportunities, it has been suggested.

David Hurst, managing director of the online recruitment site Onrec. read more...


'Wide searches needed' for grad jobseekers

Graduate job applicants must ensure they look at all possible job sites to improve their chances of success, it has been claimed.

According to David Hurst, managing director of Onrec.com, candidates can make the most of their online job search during such competitive times by looking at a wider range of sites. read more...


Graduates 'should hone job-hunting skills'

Graduates looking for jobs are advised to make sure their interview skills and CV are as good as they possibly can be.

According to Joe McDermott, chief executive officer of online interview training service Interviewgold.com, prospective candidates must make sure their job-hunting skills are up to scratch if they are to be successful. read more...


Long periods out of work 'can cause difficulty'

Young people who spend significant periods out of employment or training could find that it is harder to secure employment in the long term, it has been suggested. read more...


'Lack of funding' for taught masters

A lack of funding it making it more difficult for degree-holders to apply for masters courses, it has been suggested.

Writing for the Independent, Steve McCormack claims that in the UK jobs market, it is increasingly important for jobseekers to participate in postgraduate study in order to make their CV stand out from other candidates. read more...


Experienced candidates 'can always secure grad jobs'

Graduates who have the right skills and experience will always be sought after in the recruitment market, regardless of the state of the economy, it has been suggested. read more...


Graduate jobs hope 'the main reason' for university applications

A new study has indicated the main priority for university students is securing the qualifications necessary to secure good graduate jobs.

Research conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS) has revealed that 68 per cent of university applicants were most concerned about fulfilling their career ambitions. read more...


Gap year considered by graduate jobseekers

One third of university leavers are considering taking a gap year at the conclusion of their studies, new research has indicated.

A study conducted by Bright Futures indicates that three-quarters of final year students are concerned about their chances of securing a place on a graduate training scheme in the current economic environment. read more...


'Positive government action needed' on jobs

Positive action on behalf of the government can help keep unemployment levels to a minimum as the economy continues to falter, it has been claimed. read more...

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