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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates in Scotland set to avoid endowment fund

The newly-elected Scottish National Party is expected to make one of its first major policy announcements to the Scottish Executive later his week, in a move that will have serious financial implications on all graduates in Scotland. read more...


Student funding reforms must undergo serious analysis

The government has been warned that it needs to hold wider discussions into any planned student funding reforms that might lead to an increasingly 'Americanised' university system in the UK. read more...


Student loans are "feeding into debt culture"

Students must be more careful about borrowing money amid claims that student loans have helped to create a "debt culture" among many young university-goers. read more...


Leading principal calls for graduate job tax

Figures from leading student and executive bodies have hit back at suggestions from a top university principal that a new graduate job tax should be introduced to help fund higher education. read more...


Disabled Recruitment

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Lord McKenzie has called on employers to play their part in aiding social inclusion for disabled people. read more...


Show me the Money!

The average graduate owes £13,000 at present. But as tuition fees rise to £3,000 a year, most students entering university in 2006 are expected to emerge with debts of between £20,000 and £25,000. A well-paid career at the end of their studies becomes a vital consideration. read more...


Graduate milk round may be soured by new legislation

The milk round, the annual visit by big employers to Britain’s universities in search of graduate talent, is under threat because of new European age discrimination laws. read more...


Britons don't want to work less

We work the longest hours in the European Union, but a new survey from The Times reveals that most Britons (78% apparently) would not choose to work fewer hours for less money. read more...


Gap year loan cut plan

A scheme to reduce the student loan debts of graduates who spend a gap year doing voluntary work before starting their careers is being considered by the Government. read more...


Graduates 'satisfied with jobs'

Most graduates are in jobs appropriate for their level of skills and training, a study suggests.

Research involving 4,500 students who graduated in 1995 shows 85% are "very or reasonably satisfied" with their career progress. Two-thirds said a degree had been required for their current job. read more...

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