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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Mum and Dad should save toward student costs

Parents should "prepare as early as possible" for the cost of their son and daughter becoming graduates, new research has claimed.

The study, by investment company F&C, is urging parents to begin saving for the future to lighten the financial burden awaiting their children. read more...


UK universities need more international students

MPs hope that UK universities will improve their global status by trying to attract more international students.

The Commons Education Select Committee claims that an outreach to more students from emerging countries such as China and India is key to improving the status of UK universities abroad. read more...


Universities' 'tepid' response to vocational diplomas

Less than 40 per cent of universities would welcome a vocational diploma as an alternative to A-levels, a survey has claimed.

The ACS International Schools study has shown that just 38 per cent of admissions officers saw the vocational diploma as a 'good alternative' and 88 per cent of respondents favoured the International Baccalaureate. read more...


International students feel university cost increase

The rising cost of university in the UK may be forcing international students elsewhere and cutting the number of skilled graduates, the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) has claimed. read more...


Graduates benefit from study abroad

Students were urged to spend a period of studying or work abroad before they graduate, in a government report issued today. read more...


Government plans will give more rights to university students

University students may get more overall rights and be able to demand a greater personalised service from their higher education institutions under new government reform plans. read more...


Student loan shake-up will give more help to graduates

New government plans have been announced which will see thousands of students and graduates benefit from further financial support. read more...


Student loan debt is inevitable but can be controlled

New and existing students in the UK must be prepared to accumulate some student loan debt in the current higher education environment, but should be careful when considering any further loan or credit options. read more...


Calls for fee cap abolition

University students could pay differential fees according to which university and which course they choose, educational reformer Lord Dearing has suggested. read more...


Student top-up fees could be set for further variation

Students could be forced to pay variable top-up fees depending on which universities they attend, according to one of Britain's leading education experts. read more...

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