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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Student loan system should be 'restructured'

The student loan system should be restructured or risk deterring applications from lower-income students, according to a report by London Economics. read more...


PM announces Chinese investment and university partnerships

Stronger economic ties with China may prove beneficial for students and graduates, following the prime minister's visit to the country.

Embarking upon his first visit to China, prime minister Gordon Brown said that Britain would "welcome" investment from China. read more...


Degree funding changes 'inadequate'

Degree funding changes proposed by the government have come in for criticism from an academic likely to be directly affected by the changes. read more...


Part-time students to receive grants

Part-time students in Scotland will receive grants to support them, from autumn next year.

Higher education students who earn less that £18,000 a year will receive £500 from the government. read more...


Graduates not getting right education

Graduates are being let down by their universities, which are teaching them the wrong things, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The REC says that graduates are leaving university without the skills required for working life, particularly graduate IT jobs. read more...


Student finances not affected by credit crunch

Students' finances have not been affected by the credit crunch this year, according to the National Union of Students (NUS).

While the rest of society has been struggling with the credit crunch, the financial arrangements of the intake at universities this year has not been greatly affected according to the NUS. read more...


Students should pay for education according to academic

Graduates should start contributing money towards higher education in Scotland, according to a leading academic.

Dr Andrew Cubie has claimed the issue should be examined during the independent review of university funding. read more...


Students criticise SNP decision not to scrap debt

Student leaders across Scotland have criticised the government's decision to reverse its plans to scrap student debt.

Last May, the Scottish National Party (SNP) made the promise before elections but now appears to be going back on its decision. read more...


Complicated fees 'could deter' future graduates

The introduction of top-up fees in England and Wales had led to the creation of a student funding system that is so convoluted, it could put many prospective students off going to university altogether, research suggests. read more...


MPs criticise graduate endowment

MPs from Scotland's three main opposition parties have come together to criticise the way that civil servants presented evidence for the SNP's commitment to scrapping the graduate endowment. read more...

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