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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates May Do Best by Moving Abroad

Following the recent statistics that competition for UK graduate positions has reached an all time high, many recent graduates are being encouraged to look for work overseas.

Recent statistics revealed that there was an average of 83 applicants for each graduate job position in the UK. read more...


Graduates Take Relaxed Attitude to Banking

A survey by HSBC has found that a large number of graduates are unaware of the correct interest rate on their savings account.

Over 5 million people aged under 25 don’t know how much interest is on their savings accounts. read more...


Telephone Job Interview: What You Need To Know

There are already lots of lists and guidelines on tips for a face to face job interview. However, telephone interviews are a different beast altogether. read more...


Graduates Work Longer Hours

More than 50 hours is the average time that one in seven graduates is working during the week. This figure rises to 18% for those located in London.

Divided by sectors, the most pressurised ones are legal services (71%), accountancy (54%) and PR and marketing (53%). read more...


Clear financial benefits' for people who can work from home

University-leavers looking for graduate opportunities may like to find a job which offers the possibility of working from home. read more...


NUS join funding talks for Scottish students

The Scottish Government’s distribution of a £95.5 million support package for students will be guided by input from the The National Union of Students Scotland. read more...


Writing the perfect graduate CV

You’ve put in three hard years of study, got your degree certificate in hand and you’re now ready to show the graduate job market exactly what you’ve got. read more...


Common graduate interview questions and how to answer them

After spending hours perfecting your CV, you may still face the daunting hurdle of attending interviews that may run into second and third rounds. read more...


The Open University: The Essential Guide

The Open University (OU) was founded in 1969 by Harold Wilson's Labour government and has since become the foremost figure in distance learning. The University had 250,000 students on its books in 2011, making it the largest University in Europe via student enrollment. read more...


Graduate job prospects are increasing according to ONS stats

Graduates are on track for career success and are getting ahead of their unqualified counterparts, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). read more...

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