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Graduate Job Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

Vacancy Type: Graduate Job
Employer: The Royal Navy
Reference: rnet
Salary: Basic salaries start at over £12,000 and over £15,000 for Officers  

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EXPIRY NOTICE: This job has now expired and will not be accepting any more applications.


Job Description

The Royal Navy uses highly sophisticated, modern warships which can operate in the harshest conditions imaginable. You will be part of the team that looks after everything from the fuel, power and propulsion systems that keep the ship going, to the water purification and air-conditioning equipment critical to the wellbeing of the crew.


Basic training

HMS Raleigh is the Royal Navy 's premier training establishment in the South West where all ratings joining the Service receive the first phase of their Naval training.

The eight week phase one training course is designed to be challenging, exciting, maritime in its focus, and relevant to the operational environment individuals will find themselves in. It aims to develop individuals as part of a team, inculcate naval ethos and a sense of being part of the naval family. HMS Raleigh also provides professional courses in military training, seamanship, logistics and submarine operations as well as vital training for ships' team preparing for operational deployments.

Professional training

You will go to HMS Sultan, in Gosport, Hampshire for a further five months' training, which includes:

  • the basic skills you will need to do your job
  • how the machinery on board our ships works
  • how to use drilling, filing and metal-shaping tools so that you can repair or even make components.

At the end of this training course, you will go to sea and really learn to do your job, hands on. With the help of your colleagues, you will gain lots of practical skills that will help you complete your task book - the first step towards promotion.

Who Suits This?

You will need to be technically minded and have an interest in electrical and mechanical engineering. It is vital that you have commitment, enthusiasm and common sense.

Whats Involved?

  • Carrying out routine maintenance on all different kinds of equipment on board your ship, such as the engines, the emergency steering and the ventilation system.
  • Investigating faults, and then making repairs so that your vessel can carry out its mission.
  • Operating machinery like the pumps, steering gear and engines, and helping with the refuelling of your ship while you are at sea.
  • Looking after the fuel and electricity for our aircraft and managing the lifts on board our aircraft carriers.
  • Being part of a damage control and firefighting team so that, in case of emergency, you will know how to cope.


Whats the benefit?
  • Basic salaries start at over £12,000 for ratings/other ranks, but could be significantly more, depending on the job and the qualifications of the individual. Pay increases with experience and in line with inflation.
  • Free medical and dental treatment.
  • Job security.
  • Accommodation at sea or on operations is free, and accommodation on shore is heavily subsidised.
  • One of the most generous pensions available.

Location: Any Location

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