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Print journalists write news and feature articles for newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Working for a newspaper or a magazine is quite similar. Magazine journalists often write more feature articles, spend time attending editorial meetings to decide what to include in the next issue. Magazine journalists usually work to longer deadlines than newspaper journalists, who often need to respond very quickly to the latest breaking news.

It is necessary for journalist to work flexible hours to follow up stories and many newspaper journalist will be require to work evening shifts. Long working hours are not uncommon especially when deadlines are pending. The working environment is busy and hectic. Journalists do spend some time out of the office interviewing and chasing leads.

Entry requirements for journalism tend to be with a first degree in a subject of their choice followed by a postgraduate journalism course. The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is the main body supervising newspaper training. More and more emphasis is placed on relevant experience whether working on student newspapers or getting involved on local or student radio stations.

Many newspaper journalists start their careers with local newspapers. It is possible to progress to a regional daily or feature writer. Competition for the few positions on newspapers is tough and many journalists choose to work on a freelance basis.

The majority of magazine companies are based in London. Many journalists work on a freelance basis for several different magazines. It is common to specialise in one area such as commerce, fashion or sport. Career progression can lead to senior positions for example as an editor. Starting salaries can be as low as ú8000 per annum and trainees typically wonÆt earn more than £14,000 a year. After some years of experience journalists can earn from £15,000 to over £40,000. The top journalists and national newspaper editors can earn £100,000 or more.

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