Graduate Job Profile - Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers produce products from raw materials and is essential in almost everything that is man-made at some point. Chemical engineers handle all materials as well as chemicals and extract as many products as they can from raw materials in a cost effective and safe way. In teams and using computer models and simulations, they design and build plants to convert raw materials into products they can use like metals or plastics.

Chemical engineers maintain these plants and keep a strict watch on operation management as well as, repairs and replacements, quality control, health and safety considerations for the plant itself and the environment, and profitable operation.

Chemical engineers will have an accredited chemical engineering degree or BTEC HNC/HND. Graduates with non-accredited degrees, or from other branches of engineering may need to undertake postgraduate study, such as an MSc in Chemical Product Design or Advanced Process Engineering.

Opportunities for chemical, process and biochemical engineers exist in industries such as personal care products such as cosmetics and lotions, food and drink, drugs and medicines, textiles and materials, oil and gas, energy, and water. Other fields include the nuclear industry, cryogenic engineering, propellants for space exploration, microchip development and production, and the biotechnology industry.

Chemical engineers are always in demand and there are opportunities to reach senior managerial positions. Graduates going into chemical engineering can expect to earn between £18,000 and 25,000. With experience chemical engineers can earn on around £40,000. Once chartered chemical engineers can earn in excess of £50,000

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