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Company Profile - Transport for London


We're responsible for managing, developing and integrating the capital's transport network - from roads, buses and the Tube to trains, trams, taxis and the river

Career Opportunities

Unique challenges You'll be faced with - and solve - a unique set of challenges. Not just in contributing to the management of separate transport modes such as the Tube, buses or road network, but in integrating and developing them and turning them into a world-class network. It's a complex and far-reaching brief. Each individual strand of the network has its own challenges. Each demands individual solutions. At the same time, each strand must be integrated with all the others. How does bus lane development affect traffic flow? How do extra Tube customers impact on planning and strategy?

Training and Development

Individual, tailored development plan based upon your needs and the requirements of your scheme Study for a professional qualification in your field Extensive and customised programme designed to develop your skills and knowledge Exciting opportunities to work in different areas of TfL on a range of unique and high-profile projects

What we look for

Degree disciplines and class required: Varies according to scheme

Case Studies

Chris Porter, Transport Planning Scheme Joined May 2003
A lot of the schemes I was looking at were with banks and insurance and accountancy firms, but this seemed different. And because transport is something I've had experience in using, I thought it would be intriguing to see how it worked. One of the good things about this graduate programme is that you get six placements, rather than just being stuck in one department. It's been a lot more useful going to different departments, because you get more of an idea how the organisation runs, and you get a much better idea of where youÆd like to work. And it's nice to be working on something that you can see the results of.

On congestion charging I was doing a project analysing the effects of the possible western extension. So I had a project where I was looking at the possible impact, how it would change traffic flows, and how that would affect other things. I got to go to a lot of meetings detailing how the whole thing worked, and that gave me a pretty good insight into that part of the business.

Bus priority was about encouraging and funding bus-related projects being put forward by the bus companies - bus lanes, new routes, new shelters. I'd be analysing their spending plans, going to meetings and ironing out what they wanted and what we wanted, and coming to an arrangement of how it was going to go. Our aim is to get as much bus priority as possible - so more bus lanes, more shelters. Sometimes the bus companies agree with that, and sometimes they don't and we have to persuade them!

Strategic review is on a higher level. It's basically trying to co-ordinate all the activities of the various parts of Surface Transport, so that, say, Bus Priority know what Cycling are doing and then organising it all so it has a common direction. Being in Strategic Review was particularly useful because you sit above it all and you can get a better picture of how everyone interacts.

How to apply

180 North Gower st

Tel : 020 7874 5868

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