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Company Profile - NHS Education for Scotland


NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland currently employs approximately 140,000 staff who work across 14 regional NHS Boards, seven Special NHS Boards and one public health body.

All NHS Boards work together for the benefit of the people of Scotland. They also work closely with partners in other parts of the public sector to fulfil the Scottish Government’s Purpose and National Outcomes.

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Who are we?

Quality Healthcare

The Healthcare Quality Strategy for Scotland was launched in May 2010.  This provides the basis for the people who deliver healthcare services in Scotland to work with partners and the public towards our three Quality Ambitions and shared vision of world-leading safe, effective and person-centred healthcare.

This vision and the focus on quality healthcare is the context for all strategic and operational decision-making across NHS Scotland.

2020 Vision for NHSScotland

Since the launch of the Quality Strategy, the Scottish Government announced its ambitious plan for integrated health and social care and set out the 2020 Vision and Strategic Narrative for achieving sustainable quality in the delivery of health and social care across Scotland.

The 2020 Vision and the Strategic Narrative describe the challenges for health and social care for the future and provides a commonly agreed narrative about the direction we are working towards. The Quality Strategy provides the approach and the required actions to improve both quality and efficiency in order to achieve financial sustainability.

Everyone involved in the delivery of healthcare in Scotland is now asked to play their part in turning the vision into a reality.

Career Opportunities

The aim of the Scheme is to identify, recruit and develop a small number of graduate level people who have the potential to become top managers within NHS Scotland and so make a long term contribution to public services in Scotland.  For 2013 our focus is on financial management and general management.

The Scheme supports NHS Scotland in securing future leadership capacity and capability by investing now in high calibre individuals who demonstrate the potential to develop into senior leadership roles.

Training and Development

Our development programme reflects the needs of NHS Scotland, its constituent organisations, and the individual Trainees.  The overall framework will provide:

  • A comprehensive insight into all aspects of health improvement and healthcare delivery through national and local induction and orientation programmes.
  • Management placements that will provide challenging opportunities to develop operational and strategic management and leadership competencies.
  • An opportunity to provide a broader insight to health, healthcare, management and other related sectors.
  • A Masters level qualification, skill development and a personal development package to underpin experiential learning with academic knowledge.
  • A comprehensive package of support, particularly through mentoring, action learning and coaching, plus good line management. 

What we look for

NHS Scotland needs leaders

We need to attract the best graduates of today to deliver the improved services for tomorrow. We need able individuals who seek more than just a job.

We are looking for exceptional people who want to commit to a career in Scotland's most highly regarded public service, and who recognise that excellence in management is vital to the delivery of excellence in healthcare.

Our mission is to improve the health of the people of Scotland and modernise the delivery of healthcare services. It is a hugely important task and we need to recruit the very best graduates to build and develop the very best health services. The NHS affects every individual, family and community in Scotland. The people of Scotland deserve high quality leadership in the NHS to deliver the high quality service they expect.

We need leaders who can: 

  • Drive excellence in service delivery consistently and make sure patients are involved and informed - wherever they live 
  • Improve the health of the population by working with partner organisations
  • Make the tough decisions that are sometimes needed about the allocation of resources and services, keeping the needs of the patient uppermost
  • Operate in a political and public spotlight
  • Work closely with doctors, nurses and other professionals to ensure the best decisions about modern and reliable services are made
  • Act at all times with the highest integrity, commitment and energy. We need people whose heart is in the service and whose mind is sharp enough to deal with the many challenges involved.

How to apply

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