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Company Profile - CGP Books


CGP has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular educational publishing companies in the UK. With nearly 1,000 titles, covering a massive range of subjects and courses, we send out several lorry loads of books / digital products each week from our Lake District headquarters.

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Who are we?

Since 1995 we've published nearly 1,000 titles for a massive range of courses and subjects, becoming the most popular educational publisher in the UK. In fact we're so popular that we send several lorry-loads of books from our headquarters every week.
So… what’s so good about our books and digital products?

Basically, they’re straightforward and lots of fun to use. We write every page in a chatty style that’s easy to learn from and we slip in a few jokes (well, we think they’re funny!) along the way. What’s more, we want everyone to use our books, so we work really hard to make sure they’re top-notch for the lowest possible prices.

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And what’s so different about our service?

It might sound cheesy, but we reckon our customers are pretty important, so we go out of our way to be lovely to them. So, if something’s not lovely, then we don’t do it (full stop!). We know how annoying it is when you have to wait ages in a queue to speak to someone on the phone, or when a sales team won’t stop bugging you. That’s why we never pester people and avoid hard sell at all costs! We simply make sure we’re on hand for friendly advice and help if it’s wanted.

Career Opportunities

CGP produces the best (and the most popular) revision stuff for the UK (and for lots of other countries as well).
We're successful because we set ourselves really high standards — and do our very best to deliver them, again and again. This gets harder as we grow.

Luckily we have a cunning plan: that’s where you come in

How to apply

See current opportunities.

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