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Company Profile - Calor Gas Ltd


Calor Gas is a leading supplier of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in the UK, and has been for over 70 years. Our continuing investment and forward thinking culture has achieved outstanding results in a growing range of Calor products, products which are influenced by our commitment to becoming greener and to help reduce pollution.


As a market leader, things rarely stand still at Calor, where an innovative and best-practice management culture naturally leads to varied and exciting employment opportunities.

Who are we?

From heating to catering, to agriculture and logistics, we are fundamental fuelling for many businesses and events nationwide. Around 4 million homes and businesses rely on us for an enormous variety of applications.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for a Graduate to join the operations and logistics team.

Our 18 month Graduate Development Programme will allow graduates to fast track an exciting career in operations with significant responsibility from very early on.


Your learning and development is structured around real life projects including elements of production, supply, logistics, IT, purchasing and contracts.

Training and Development

As you develop in this role there are fantastic opportunities to progress and we will help you get there.

Case Studies

Helen Wynn

JOB TITLE: Integrated Distribution Systems Manager


I graduated from Southampton Institute (now Southampton Solent University) in 2001 with a degree in Business Management and started working for Calor Gas straight after that.   I’m based at head office at Tachbrook Park in Warwick.


Why did you apply for this role?

I was keen to develop within an organisation and job description sounded interesting and suggested that development was expected.


What was your expectation of the role when you started?

When joining Calor as a graduate I was given a detailed training plan for the first 18 months, so my expectations where high. Straight away I was sent away from home for a period of time to learn the business.  I was looking forward to the challenges ahead, and I continue to do so to this day.


What does your job involve?

In a nutshell, my role is to provide day to day support for Calor’s eight distribution locations.  Ensuring all aspects of Calor’s integrated distribution system are working correctly, from the forecasting of when orders should be scheduled, the telemetry equipment on customer’s tanks automatically providing gas level readings, the package used to schedule the vehicles, to the on board truck computer the drivers use to make the deliveries.


How has your job role changed?

Over the 8 years since joining Calor, I have held a variety of roles.  I started off in 2001 working at a local Customer Operations Centre (COC) in Neath, South Wales learning all the aspects  of the day to day distribution.  Since 2003 my role has been more project orientated. I was actively involved in the trial and roll out of all Calor Integrated Distribution Systems for the Bulk business.  Up to 2006 I had the job of Distribution Analyst, where during the summer months we would review Calor processes, and design and develop enhancements where required.  Then during the winter months, focus would be on the COC's to ensure they have all the support and resources required to get through the peak period.  In May 2006 I took up my first management role, taking responsibility for the Integrated Distribution Systems I had previously been working on and managing a team of three employees.


What are your professional plans for the next 12-18 months in this role?

My plan for the next 12-18 months is to gain more people management experience. 


What do you like most about your role?

Variety. Managing a number of applications means that no day is the same.  One day I am working on one application and then the following day I am dealing with something completely different.


What do you like most about Calor Gas as an employer?

Calor was my first job since university. Over the past 8 years Calor has given me the ability to develop both personally and within my career.  I have had the ability to move up the career ladder and I can say with confidence that I still enjoy my job and the variety it gives me as much now as I did 8 years ago when I first joined.


What advice would you give someone considering this is a career?

Don’t be scared to roll your sleeves up and learn something new, whether it’s new technologies at our head office or scheduling at a COC. You need to be flexible and willing to travel as getting out and working amongst the COC’s is vital but may require time away from home.

What we offer

Starting salary £25,000, many opportunities to train and progress within the compnay.

How to apply

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