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Krishni Muruganathan - Summer Placement

Company Name: E3 Consulting

Location: Southampton

E3 - Krishni   

Krishni, a English Literature student, joined E3 Consulting in the summer of 2012 for 3 weeks of work experience, before returning to Warwick University.

Challenging the stereotype

My summer placement at E3 Consulting has proven to be extremely insightful. I have realised that even though I am an English Literature student, this will not prevent me from a future career within the Finance sector. Working with an organisation focused on Property Taxation made me aware that tax, despite being often stereotyped as a discipline which is purely numerical and quite boring, I discovered the work which E3 is involved in has many interesting and challenging dimensions to it.
Dynamic workplace

The placement taught me the importance of the personal touch in order to establish strong working relationships with clients. The close attention to detail that E3 Consulting shows in every aspect of their work is one of the key reasons why clients with large projects turn to E3 for assistance. I definitely felt this proactive training and support in the time that I was with E3 Consulting. I was not given tasks and then left to my own devices, but instead I was encouraged to ask questions and clarify things if I did not understand what I was being asked to do and come up with alternative solutions.
Fit for purpose

Importantly, in my placement I learnt that you do not have to necessarily finish something after one draft. In the past I have been very focused on producing work that will be seen as something that will attain high marks, but this is not how the business world operates. Instead, I learnt that it is important to ask for advice and second opinions and to also produce multiple drafts. This in turn will allow for the project to fit its purpose.

I was encouraged to keep a daily reflection log, which I found very beneficial, because it gave me the opportunity to regularly stop and review the tasks that I was working on and what I would do with the key learning points. Additionally, regular meetings with senior members of staff were hugely beneficial; allowing me to understand what was expected of me, but at the same time to grow in confidence and learn from their valuable years of experience.
Unique opportunity

I have completed numerous work experience placements in the past, but none of them have been as structured and organised as the one with E3 Consulting. I have felt the constant care and attention in every aspect of this placement, which has encouraged me to work as hard as possible, without fearing failure. I will always be grateful to E3 for giving me this unique insight and would certainly be interested in future placement opportunities.



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