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Geoff Mason - National Account Manager

Company Name: ABP

Location: Birmingham

University: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Degree: Business Management and Food Marketing

Year of Graduation: 2001  

Have you moved location with your career?
During my graduate management scheme I worked in four different locations. I started in Shrewsbury and am now based at ABP’s head office in Birmingham.  

Why did you apply to ABP?
I wanted to work in the food industry and ABP seemed to be a big company with a good graduate scheme. They appeared to be focused on putting a lot of effort into training and the long term career prospects looked encouraging.

What was your expectation of the role when you started?
I just tried to keep all my options open in terms of career progression and future roles within the company. Whilst I probably expected myself to go into sales and marketing the management scheme teaches you all aspects of the company right from being a line leader on a production facility to understanding the financial implications of particular job.

How has your job role changed?
The graduate scheme takes you through the entire food manufacturing process whilst also spending time in finance, IT and sales. Many of these areas require you to move throughout the British Isles, spending time in different offices and plants. This gave me an insight into many facets of the company in varying sizes of operation.

What are you doing now?
Having completed the graduate management scheme I was made the National Account Manager for our account with the Co-Operative Group. I have been in this role now for 18 months.

  • What are your key responsibilities?
    Category captain. Working collaboratively with co-op to deliver a clear and accurate assessment of market & competitor activity in order to ultimately grow the size and profitability of the beef category.      
  • Monthly price and promotion negotiations across the entire product range.
  • Responsible for the profit & loss of all product lines.
  • Monthly meetings with co-op to identify and progress new product development.
  • Responsible for ensuring service levels are kept to a consistently high standard.

What are your professional plans for the next 12-18 months within ABP?
Continue to grow the size of the Co-op account and work closely with them to develop our status as category captains.

What do you like most about your role at ABP?
The responsibility of running my own account and getting to travel around the British Isles on a regular basis. Also the satisfaction of increasing the size of the Co-op account.

What do you like most about ABP as an employer?
Within my account the size of the company makes it easier to react to areas of opportunity. Yet it is also a closely knit company with a sense of togetherness in all we do.    


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