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Are unpaid internships unfair?

An article in the Daily Mail last week suggested that graduates are being exploited by companies who are taking them on as interns. It claims that life as a graduate intern is “a world of unpaid work where the academically gifted are treated like schoolchildren on work experience, the promise of a 'proper' job dangled carrot-like in front of their noses” and that graduates are being forced into accepting unpaid work as an intern as there are no paid jobs available.

Is this really the case?  Tell us about your experiences here.

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  • james 12 Mar

    I'd love to do an internship. I'd move anywhere in the country to do one but it has to be paid.  How can we be expected to survive working for nothing?  We can't all live at home and live off our parents - in fact we don't want to do that, we want to earn our own money and support ourselves.  Graduates know that getting a permanent graduate job may be harder this year than in the past, so are prepared to take an internship or even temp to get themselves working.  We shouldn't have to do that without being paid!
  • Steve Szita 12 Mar

    'Can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job.'

    This has always been a thorny one. I totally agree with what James says in his post but unfortunately, in these tough economic times, employers can afford to pick and choose, making you jump through as many hoops as they want you to. You, in turn, are caught between a rock and a hard place. You desperately want that experience shining out on your CV but you really don't want to work for free (and who can blame you).

    In my experience, the vast majority of companies that offer internships do actually have a job lurking somewhere at the end of it. It's only a small unscrupulous minority that will use this as an excuse to get you to work for nothing. I'm afraid it's one of life's big wake-up calls: it's a big bad world out there. Now you're out of full-time education, you've got to wise-up. If the company is deliberately trying to trick you, the clues will be there. Talk to other full-time team members, track down the previous interns, look at the general make-up of the team around you.

    Steve Szita
    Director - Dazzling CVs
  • Rebecca 15 Mar

    As someone who is doing an unpaid internship (and was originally totally against them) I can see both sides of the argument. It's really hard because i've come from a good uni with a good degree and am essentially working for free - and it is quite demotivating at time. Yes some employers completely exploit grads and pretty much have them doing 'tea making' chores, but i've actually found my internship really beneficial because:

    1) I don't have any gaps in my CV, which makes me more employable now we are moving away from the recession.
    2) I've kept my skills up to date in an environment where I would otherwise be sitting around at home/working in a bar!
    3) I've got lots of connections in different industries
    4) I've learnt a lot about an industry i've never worked in before and this is so valuable to me.

    I have been fortunate that I can live at home and have the support of my parents, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. Obviously I would have jumped at the chance to have a paid role, but i've managed to get through it and don't regret doing it. I've been really lucky that my employer didn't take advantage of my situation and have enjoyed working for them!
  • M 16 Apr

    I had a paid marketing internship and personally I thought it was going great. I was told that I had no worries of trying to find a job and that I would be a credit to any company I worked for.

    Needless to say the company I worked for didn't have enough revenue for marketing and therefore let me go before Christmas on the pretence that they would recall me when there would be revenue.

    I haven't heard anything from them since and the promise that I wouldn't have to worry about finding a job elsewhere evaporated with the job.

    Its not just the unpaid internships that pose hardship on graduates like me but also those companies who pay for internships.
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