• Will you be able to find the skills you need in the graduate market?

    In contrast to the graduate market as a whole, London is expected to experience a shortage of suitable candidates in the third quarter of 2010. Businesses in several sectors will end up fighting over talent if job growth does slow.

    In the financial services industry, for example, candidate numbers for some particular types of roles are declining, meaning that supply is not sufficient for the current demand for the skills and experience needed.  

    A shortage of experienced candidates may be due to a situation where many employees are staying in current roles waiting for salary reviews to be announced or are actually being offered attractive benefits to deter them from leaving for alternative employment.  

    Talent is being snapped up and companies who have identified the talent they have in their business are doing their best to keep hold of it.  

    Are you worried that you will not be able to find the skills that you need in the graduate market?

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  • Is a university degree enough?

    A recent survey completed by Escape Studios has identified that 70% of creative graduates believe that they will need additional training before they are able to get the job that they want.


    The research has suggested that there is a gap between what universities can provide for their graduates and what employers expect, which leads to students and graduates feeling that they need to complete further study in order to secure the role that they desire.


    Is it purely the creative sector where this is the case? Should universities play a bigger role in preparing all students for the working world?


    Students themselves must surely take responsibility for their own development. Gaining practical experience through completing work placements or taking on summer jobs can be extremely beneficial when it comes to applying for full-time, permanent roles post-graduation, so universities should be doing all that they can to encourage this.


    Have your say: 

    Do you expect the graduates that you employ to have done more than simply complete their degree course?

    Students, do you think it is your responsibility to develop yourself?  Have you taken steps to do so?


    Tell us what you think now!

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