• Tuition Fees - Too Much?

    Reports of violence during protests against the reduction in university funding and resulting increase in university tuition fees, demonstrate just how serious an issue this is for the students and lecturers who demonstrated in London.

    Those who have been encouraged to consider going on to higher education, now have another reason to question the value of studying at university, alongside the constant reminders of the huge number of graduates who are currently unemployed and have not even begun to pay back the student debt that they owe.

    The president of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter, went as far as saying "We should be clear that the government has asked students to pay three times as much for a quality that is likely to be no better than what they are receiving now and perhaps worse."

    But what does this mean for business?
    Speaking at the CIPD Conference in Manchester on Tuesday, Roger Wilson, director of HR and organisational development at University Hospitals of Morecombe Bay NHS Trust, said the hike will affect the demographic of those seeking employment.

    "We need to look at all the factors that influence the way we look at the talent pool," Wilson said. "With the cost of people going to university, I think we’re going to have a different talent pool of very bright 18 year olds who won’t be able to go to higher education."

    • Would you choose to study at university if you had to pay so much?
    • Does the pressure of having huge debt affect performance at work?
    • Is the tuition worth the debt?
    Tell us what you think now!

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